With beautiful landscape, purely air, and professional investment, golf and resort, and high-class entertainment quarter at Cam Quy Lake will be an amusement centre of Ba Vi particularly and Hanoi generally, at international standard, with the best service and product updated.

Project Cam Quy Lake entertainment has scale of 248.7 ha, including entertainment zone and golf, resort, and spa at international standards. Along with high standard resort, there are 241 high-end villas and VIP villas.

High-end villas area, including golf villas and luxury villas with fully options, could be used for leasing or living. These villas are built following French architecture style, lying on airy and gently sloping hills, heading to Cam Quy Lake, creating a sparkling and dreamlike view, and bringing peace, private space.

Cam Quy golf and resort, high class entertainment zone will be the ideally place for golfers, their family and friends, to play golf and stay at weekdays, holidays and other special occasions. Moreover, Cam Quy golf and resort is also a good environment to do business for business men and politicians. The most priority of Cam Quy golf and resort is to bring comfortable, relaxing and peaceful experience for everyone. These experiences come from a complex of high-class entertainment and resort quarters, especially VIP villas across the hills. All of these factors turn Cam Quy golf and resort into a small society, with new living styles, international infrastructures and high-class services.

Community entertainment – an eventful space with bars, coffee shop, amusement clubs, luxury dance sport, along with other high standard service 24/24. Furthermore, the restaurants serve Asia – Europe food with skilful and high standard chef and professional services.

In Europe, square is considered as a communication space for community that could harmonize people and natural landscape. At Cam Quy golf and resort, the square is designed nicely with grass cover, greeneries, fountains, statues. Especially, water music show is performed usually at the centre of the square, with crystal, sparkling golf balls. Nearby the square, a club house with cable-stayed structure is to provide entertainment, food and shopping service for tourists. Along with that, Cam Quy golf and resort has an area for piscatorial group.

In the amusement park, there are plenty of interesting games for tourist with roller coaster, electronic games, spinning coaster, spinning boat, and sky diver. Especially, a huge Ferris wheel is always available for families and couples to see the overview of beautiful golf course.

To enjoy the natural and artistic space, customer could walk along with many beautiful garden, such as hanging garden, orchid garden, and statue garden. Those have played an important part to create a space that you could walk along flower road, lean on wooden bench, and take pleasure.

Luxury pleasure-house, which is made by local material, is a part of the resorts. Its natural and local characteristic made Cam Quy resorts as a luxury oasis of the area that could satisfy the fastidious customer.

In the Spa quarter, a quiet space, nice melody and beautiful pool, with water-pipes in bamboo, would bring to customer a feeling of peace in mind. Along with the spa, Thuan My hot spring is another exciting choice for customer to relax, resurrect your skin and regenerate your energy

Cam Quy Golf and resort is the first hill and mountain-built golf course in Vietnam. Therefore, its terrain includes many sloping hills, deep and sunken, that create beautiful curved line for eyesight. Luxury Villas is placed near the lake that give an airy and healthy living environment, where your children could enjoy and play freely in small parks. These factors has created the whole landscape painting.

With available potentiality, natural beauty, systematic investment and elegant and modern design, Cam Quy golf course and resort, with high-class amusement centre will be a nice place for high-class tourism and resort. More importantly, it builds a place with special cachet, high standard service, based on natural environment surrounding for both domestic and international traveller.

Project information

Location: Ba Vi, Hanoi
Project: Golf and Resort, 5 star hotel - high-class entertainment quarter
Floors area: 248,7 ha
Owner: FLC Golf and Resort JSC

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