FLC Twin Towers is located on Cau Giay Street – a conveniently accessible route to other central districts, Noi Bai International Airport and nearby suburban areas. This is an integrated block consisting of two towers with up to 50 floors. Each tower features a distinguished design. The 50 floor Tower A bears a simplistic architectural style yet still classy and unique. On the other hand, the 38 floor Tower B expresses a contemporary design full of charming curves.

These stunning architectural features associated with favorable location have made FLC Twin Towers an outstanding urban destination, contributed to casting a new look to the western gateway of the capital   city.

Utilizing its prime location, the project fully makes use of condominium, office and shopping center spaces. Hundreds of FLC Twin Towers apartments all appeal to Different types of tenants. FLC Twin Towers is the heaven of shopping, working and living in the heart of the city.

Project information

Location: 265 Cau Giay Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Total plot area: 10,629 m2.
Total investment: 2,200 billion VND Commencement date: Aug 2015 Expected completion: 2017
Amenities: Integrated 50-floor and 38-floor building, with three functions of condominium, office and shopping center.

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