It's time to pursue the perfection of life experience with the combination of residential apartments, shopping centers and services in FLC Complex Pham Hung - a real estate project of FLC Group.

Nestled in a favorable location, FLC Complex Pham Hung integrates amenities with international standards, green spaces, Feng Shui energy, synchronized infrastructure, safety and apartments of all sizes.

Not only quench your thirst for a modern living space, FLC Complex Pham Hung puts forth a combination of living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Excellent location

Located in a “golden” piece of land, FLC Complex Pham Hung borders Pham Hung street - the major route in the West of Hanoi, near two big parks and Nhan Chinh lake. The building lays among a highly  intellectual population, close to elite residential accomodation and offices such as Keangnam, Indochina Plaza, The Manor, BigC Shopping center, National Convention Center, My Dinh National Stadium, and  plenty of prestigious administrative headquarters, schools…

From FLC Complex Pham Hung, you can easy access to critical routes such as: The Cau Giay - Kim Ma entrance to  the city central; Pham Hung street connecting the North and South of the city; Noi Bai  International airport; the Ring Road No.3 interconnecting Soc Son, Tu Liem, Cau Giay,…

Creative design

FLC Complex Pham Hung takes pride in pampering customers with a system of nature-friendly trees, while still holding true to the functional promise of a modernized style.

Simplistic but outstanding, distinguished but elegant, the complex presents a spectacular horizontal view while captivating natural sunlight to each and every apartment - a sophisticated feature that sets the  building apart from others in the market.

Safety for a joyful life

In FLC Complex Pham Hung, we prioritize the safety of you and your family by utilizing the latest security technology. A range of cameras are installed in every corner to monitor all public activities in the building.

We maintain a professional security team working 24/7. With our security service, it's time to take a break from the chaos of outside living space in a place that brings peace to your mind days and nights.

Not a house but a home

Beside comfortable living spaces with family, FLC Complex Pham Hung provides you with a wide range of choices when it comes to recreation with friends:
-  Peacefully strolling along the green spaces of trees, flowers
-  Hanging out with friends in luxurious coffee shop
-  Shopping in supermarkets and department stores
-  Exercising in a network of gyms, yoga, dance sport centers… with professional coaches.
-  Providing your children with the best care in high quality kindergartens
-  Relieving your stress throughout spa treatment
-  Swimming in the spacious 4-seasons pool
-  Experiencing flying services from the helicopter parking on the rooftop helipad.

Flexible options

FLC Complex Pham Hung puts in your reach a wide set of choices in term of residential spaces, with 480 apartments in sizes from 54 m2 to 131 m2, containing two or three bedrooms.

This set of sizes will satisfy demands and financial budget of people from all walks of life. Each apartment delivers both common living area for all the family and personal spaces for individuals. Small sized apartments boasting minimalistic style notably suit nuclear families and freewill youths.

In harmony with nature

It's time to reunite with nature in a place whose very essence is the environment. Besides natural lights  filling every corner, FLC Complex Pham Hung pays utmost attention to the ventilation factor and Feng  Shui location of windows.

Every apartment intrigues a classy sense of style from modern furniture and high quality construction materials.





Project information

FLC Complex Pham Hung
Location: 36 Pham Hung street, South Tu Liem, Hanoi
Scale: 480 apartments
Diversified areas: 54.30 m2 - 131.00 m2
Time of delivery: QIII/2016
Type: Condominiums, office and commercial centers

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