Real Estate


In early 2010, FLC – property exchange was established and started with some services:

Real State Business

The trading floor helps customers make purchase transactions, invest on apartment, villas, land and land project.  Trading floor also has constructions for sale, rent, and leasing. It invests on land improvement and infrastructure projects on leased land.

Real State Brokerage Services

Real state brokerage services of real state trading – floor is a intermediary form for two or more different units to build relationship in business. Real state brokerage service takes a main role of this trading floor. FLC – trading floor provides brokerage services with diverse product portfolio to customers such as: land, apartments, villas, hotels, resorts, offices, commercial centre, buildings, factories, industrial zone .

The main activities of trading floor including: It consignee for sale from Mother Company, deposit from member companies and other investment companies, consignee for selling property from individuals and customers.

Real State Transaction Service

Notary service (the public and private notary) including everything related to real state. This service also combines with state management agencies to provide some services such as planning, transfer for the owners….

Advertising Service for Real State
Real state trading floor is the regular place of customers who have demands and needs to buy, sell, rent, and define the of  property.  There are many customers access the website of this trading floor to get information and use customer support service. Therefore, advertising service for real state in the website and trading floors are very efficiency.

Customers use the advertising services through the trading floor are the consulting companies which introduce real state projects , the investment companies, companies providing services about house design, offices design and some companies providing equipments , furniture, building materials……..  Advertising form like: posters sent to offices, pictures of projects at the trading floor and in the website, 3D films in the websites, banners.

Real State Consulting Service

FLC – real state trading floor providing consulting service about real state such as legal service about investment projects, real state consulting contracts.

In addition, the trading floor also provides service about credit and financial consulting, guides for permission of constructions, service about management for construction and provides legal documents for customers.

Future Service

In the future, FLC – Real state trading floor intend to develop more services and products to adapt the diversify needs and wants of customers such as services about real state auction, services about real state valuation and real state management services.

FLC has an extensive relationship with many companies in the market, the trading floor. In addition, it becomes the connection among investors of projects. Now, FLC – real state trading floor has power to use 100 luxury apartments, which belong to FLC Landmark Tower Project.

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