Media & Event Organisation


FLC Media (one of two major business segments of FLC Tech&Media) aims to become the leading communication strategy consultant for effective methods of communication, corporate image promotion, affirmation of brand value, and connecting intensive clients and partners network.


Connectivity is the key to expand business operations and sphere of action in the challenging business environment today.


With the motto of "Connecting social media", FLC Media recognises communication as a fundamental element in daily life, which affects the way people feel, think and act. From this point of view, we position media to a new high level that requires unique and creative methods of implementation and capability of impacting everyone’s world view.


FLC Media provides various  services including: Consultancy and development of communication plan, brand development, event organization, production of business and product introducing films, and TVC advertising films, advertising and marketing exploitation on newspapers, radio and television.


FLC Media also supplies effective communication solutions to businesses operating in many industries, especially the ones in real estate, finance and banking. FLC Media is currently one of the leading strategic partners of the Military Bank (MB), FLC Group, SMiC Law Firm, etc.




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