FLC Tech & Media - a member of FLC Group, is professional provider of high-tech products, technical services for telecommunications and information technology for individual and business customers.


FLC Tech aims to supply products and solutions to customers from aerospace industry, national meteorological observation and telecommunication services, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Public Security, Research Institute, banking and financial sector,…


Our skilled and experienced personnel are always ready to face the challenges in the development of technology. Founded in 2008, FLC Tech & Media has become a reliable supplier of equipment, systems and professional software in the field of telecommunications, electronics, meteorology, and armed forces...


Technological solutions FLC Tech & Media currently provides:


1. Communication Solutions

FLC Tech provides customized communication solutions for reliable and timely delivery of your voice and data. We have many experiences in delivering communication solutions to customers. Our group of high trained and experienced engineers has all the skills needed to understand your requirement and engineer a solution to meet your needs.


- Aviation Solutions

- Satellite Solutions

- Digital Solutions

- HF/VHF Radio Solutions

- Microwave Solutions

- Equipment

1.1 Aviation Solutions

The FLC Tech has distributed several innovative communication packages that can be deployed to ensure that data is delivered accurately, affordably and in a timely fashion. Your communications package is custom designed to meet our requirements. All relevant regulations are taken into account when tailoring your solution.

1.2 Satellite communications

FLC Tech engineers are expert in the design, sales and support of C- and Ku-Band RF transceivers, L-Band IF C- and Ku-Band RF transceivers and high power Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) for use in satellite earth stations. End-users include Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Aviation, Corporate, Government, Military, Police ...
1.3 Digital communications

FLC Tech can design, build and deliver your new digital communications solutions. Whether be wired or wireless, we can deliver solutions expertly engineered to meet your requirements.

1.4 Radio communications

FLC Tech has considerable experiences in deploying complete HF/VHF communication solutions to cover all modern requirements, including voice, email, fax and data. The equipment deployed in our solutions is flexible and can interface with other communication mediums such as HF/VHF, Satcom and public telephone systems.
1.5 Microwave Links

With many years’ experience in deploying Microwave Links, FLC Tech has installed microwave links into customers. Usage of the highest quality hardware ensures that you will have a robust communications solution. Our engineers are kitted out with the latest RF test kits, analysis software and service equipment. FLC Tech's microwave links customers include aviation, government departments, military, cellular operators, telecommunication and data providers, mining, utility providers, entertainment, and finance.

1.6 Equipment

FLC Tech delivers filed proven and robust technology to users in Vietnam. Our team of experts can give you the advice you need on the technologies available to assist you with your decision making process.

2. Air Traffic Control Solutions

FLC Tech can provide latest generation air traffic systems that improve safety and efficiency within the highly demanding air traffic control. FLC Tech can offer the optimum combination of value and performance and being compliant with all relevant ICAO and WMO guidelines.
Proposed by expert engineers in communication with air traffic controllers, our solutions are ideal for deployment in ATC towers, approach facilities, military airfields and all locations where safe and accurate control of aircraft is required.

3. Power & Energy Solutions

FLC Tech's power & energy engineering division custom designs, installs and maintains customized industrial power & energy solutions. Installations range from basic setups capable of powering & energy a small site right up to power and energy stations that can support large applications for telco, broadcast, avionics, surveillance or process automation applications.
FLC Tech has a team of highly skilled and experienced systems engineers, project managers and installations technicians to ensure that you achieve the best possible power & energy solution.

4. Testing and Measurement Solutions

FLC Tech provides a wide range of reliable, accurate, and cost-effective testing and measurement equipments & systems to a wide range of customers such as aviation authorities, telecom service providers, defence forces, public security and research institutes, banking, etc.


Communication Testing & Measurements Equipments:

- Spectrum Analyser

- Signal Generator

- Network Analyser

- Power Meter & Sensors

-  Attenuator

- Oscilloscope

- Timing Solution

- Many other type of communication T&M equipments


Electrical Testing & Measurements Equipments:

- Bench instruments,

- Calibrators and standards

- Multi-meters, Acquisition, Tools, Analysers, Imagers

- Many other types of electrical T&M equipments.



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