The first resort with LEED’s green building certification on Quy Nhon’s beach

The first resort with LEED’s green building certification on Quy Nhon’s beach

Thứ Bảy, 23/09/2017, 13:00

Green and environmentally friendly architecture is an important factor in sustainable development. As a resort real estate developer, FLC Group believes green resorts are a sustainable trend in the future.

The scarcity of green buildings

With fast urbanization and unpredictable climate change, the green building trend has blossomed during the past few years all over the world as well as in Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), a green building is one that achieves substantial energy saving, water saving, with safe and sustainable materials, minimizing the negative effects of construction to human health and nature.

Currently, there are many certification systems for green buildings such as LEED, EDGE, Green Mark. Of which, the LEED certification was founded by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1995 and is considered a reputable and comprehensive evaluation system. LEED’s ranking is divided into Silver, Gold and the highest is Platinum.

The Coastal Hill is the first resort project to receive LEED’s highest green ranking.

In Vietnam, green buildings are becoming increasingly popular in real estate, especially residential and resort projects. According to statistics, until April 2017, Vietnam only had 60 certified green and sustainable buildings, of which only 19 were awarded the LEED certificate. This is a very small number compared to other neighboring countries such as Malaysia (125 buildings), Singapore (1,200 buildings).

Green buildings in Vietnam certified by LEED are mainly high-rise offices, schools, shopping malls, factories and representative offices of foreign enterprises. In the hospitality industry, The Coastal Hill hotel is situated within FLC Quynhon Beach & Golf Resort and is the first project to strictly meet LEED’s highest green standards.

Developer a green resort

As the leading resort real estate developer in Vietnam, FLC Group always aims to protect the environment for the sustainable future of their projects.

FLC Group owns 7,300 ha of land all over the country and has turned many deserted areas into 5-star resorts such as FLC Samson, FLC Vinhphuc, FLC Halong, FLC Haiphong, FLC Quynhon …

Previously, FLC Group and the Vietnam Real Estate Association have signed a memorandum on Green Building in Vietnam in May 2017. According to which, FLC Group committed to maximize green features in their projects to help create the foundation for a green real estate industry in Vietnam.

Master planning of The Coastal Hill Quynhon and FLC Lux City.

For resort properties, natural landscapes are crucial to the project’s future. Therefore, when developing a project, FLC Group does not disturb existing landscapes, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing the use of eco-friendly technologies. One example is the regular irrigation technology installed at golf courses in FLC Samson and FLC Quynhon, or The Coastal Hill Quynhon hotel which is built according to the U.S.’s highest green building standards. It promises to create a new benchmark for condotel projects on the Vietnamese hospitality market.

The Coastal Hill: a green hotel with LEED’s platinum ranking

Situated within FLC Quynhon, The Coastal Hill is the first holiday development in Vietnam to satisfy all of LEED’s 7 highest criteria from design or construction and operation in order to maximize quality, protect residents’ health as well as the natural environment.

The Coastal Hill is designed by architects from Baumschlager Eberle Architekten (BE) – the leading architect from Austria known for their “green” design concepts. The classical idea of “letting natural temperature overwhelm machinery” in BE’s designs has been applied in The Coastal Hill project. Wherein, 100% of this hotel’s rooms will receive direct sunlight and fresh air.

Originating from the hope of creating a resort that resembles life within a tropical forest, the project is built with low density, only 12,4%, while over 70% of the entire development is covered in greeneries. With the advantage of a hilltop location and untouched trees, this hotel offers the purest oasis for residents. Buildings are connected into a lush Babylon garden, curving along the stunning beach of Quy Nhon.

A tropical oasis at The Coastal Hill Quynhon.

The Coastal Hill uses state-of-the-art materials with minimal impacts on the environment, protecting residents’ health and adapting to climate change. The building’s architecture maximizes the use of renewable energy while gardens are equipped with regular irrigation systems to lessen water consumption.

Not far from the hotel, FLC Zoo Safari Park possesses over 1,000 animals within a green forest. This is not only a wildlife conservation center but also a tool to help rebalance the ecosystem and to bring exciting experiences to visitors to Quy Nhon.

Situated at Eo Gio, the prime location in FLC Quynhon complex, The Coastal Hill resembles a 1km-long wave, including 1,500 keys, making it the hotel with the largest number of rooms in Vietnam.

Beside inheriting luxurious amenities from FLC Quynhon, The Coastal Hill is also equipped with other outstanding facilities such as world-class golf course, children’s playgrounds, outdoor theatre. The most exciting feature of The Coastal Hill is a 1km-long infinity pool fronting the entire hotel, creating an artificial lagoon for all 1,500 hotel rooms. This pool will use natural ingredients for cleaning instead of chemicals to help prevent environmental damage and protect users’ health.


The launch of FLC The Coastal Hill Quynhon will be held by FLC Group on 24 Sep in Ho Chi Minh city and on 1 Oct in Hanoi.

For more information, please kindly contact hotline: ‎0915 638 898.



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