Joining hands with Japanese partner, FLC plans to invest $1.5 billion in high-tech agriculture in Vietnam

Joining hands with Japanese partner, FLC plans to invest $1.5 billion in high-tech agriculture in Vietnam

Thứ Sáu, 22/12/2017, 14:20

FLC will start a high-tech agricultural project in Vietnam with a land fund of approximately 4,000 hectares and estimated investment capital of $1.5 billion for the period 2018-2020. This is a remarkable news from the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between FLC Group and Farmdo Joint Stock Company (Japan) taken place on December 21 in FLC Samson.

Under the agreement between the two parties, FLC and Farmdo will cooperate to develop a system of high-tech farm combined with solar energy - one of the most advanced agricultural models applied in many countries around the world.

This model uses double-sided solar panels covering agricultural land, allowing for renewable energy while crops still receive most of the sunshine and agricultural machinery remains stable below.

This dual system can increase total land productivity (crop yield + electricity), help to reduce CO2 emissions as well as the cost of greenhouse investment while also make use of cheap electricity and other facilities to serve agricultural production.

Overview of the ceremony.

In addition to the patented solar farm model, Farmdo will also transfer technology to FLC in terms of many advanced farming techniques being applied in Japan, such as Hydroponics with automatic fertilizer system, automatic air conditioning and blinds, selective breeding with nutritious content...

Farmdo's Chairman, Mr. Masayuki Iwai expresses at the signing ceremony that the model of high-tech agriculture combined with solar electric has received strong support from the Japanese government and is now being actively expanded domestically and overseas.

"This model is very suitable with the orientation of green and sustainable development of FLC. With many similarities between the two countries, we believe that this model can be quickly applied in FLC projects that would bring great benefits to FLC in both agriculture and energy", said Masayuki Iwai who requests FLC to send key staff to Japan soon to learn about agricultural production profession, greenhouse technology and renewable energy.

After the signing ceremony, technology transfer between Farmdo and FLC will be accelerated.

At the event, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet, Chairman of FLC says that the cooperation with Japanese high-tech agricultural enterprises such as Farmdo is a necessary step to improve productivity compared with traditional production; create quality products for the market meanwhile contribute to build a green, clean and sustainable agriculture for the health and long-term future of the people.

He adds that as FLC announces its development orientation in the field of high- tech agriculture, the investment promotion process between FLC and its Japanese partners has been strengthened with the support of Mr. Norio Hattori, former Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam and current Chief Representative of FLC Group’s Office in Japan. The cooperation with Farmdo is the first result of this process.

Leaders of FLC Group visiting Farmdo's high-tech farm model in Japan.

Farmdo JSC is one of the most prestigious businesses in Japan in high-tech agriculture combined with solar energy. The company has been investing and expanding its agricutural and energy farm model in many Asian countries.


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