Intense Burst with the Grand Party of FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort in Hanoi

Intense Burst with the Grand Party of FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort in Hanoi

Thứ Hai, 09/04/2018, 18:09

The introduction ceremony of FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort in Hanoi on 8 April, 2018 is of great success beyond the expectation of organizers. It not only witnesses the participation of more than 20 agents and 2,000 investors but also satisfies the audience by the stunning performances of light and sound.

After three hours, 850 products of FLC Quang Binh are registered by investors, which is much more than the number of products that agents intend to introduce in the event.

Meanwhile, the livestream on Fanpage of FLC Quang Binh hits 4,000 likes and shares after the first performance. Thousands of questions are raised and sent, which makes it hard for customer service staff to answer all the questions immediately.

The event attracts the participation of more than 20 agents and 2,000 investors in Hanoi.

“he heat of FLC Quang Binh has already radiated all over the real estate market in Hanoi in recent weeks. This official event is an opportunity for the project to ‘burst’, says a leader of the property distributor CENGROUP.

Music festival

Although being organized as a real-estate introduction ceremony, the event is prepared carefully with a scale of a music festival. More than 2,000 customers and partners joining the event are surprised by the dazzling light and sound performances.

Singer Ho Ngoc Ha posing at the event.

The journey of exploring and constructing FLC Quang Binh Beach & Golf Resort is displayed in a led performance while Ho Ngoc Ha, a singer born in Quang Binh homeland – breaks the ice and turns the heat on.

The project message is implied in each performance and it creates the overwhelming impression for customers.

Hefty numbers

Mr. Dang Tat Thang, Vice Director General of FLC Group which has become the biggest investor in Quang Binh cites some of the records made by FLC Quang Binh: “The biggest project of FLC Group with the total investment of approximately USD 900 million; one of the largest scale project in Vietnam with total area of approximately 2,000ha; the project with longest coastal line in Vietnam (5km of coastal line in Hai Ninh); the project invested with most holistic facilities ever by FLC; the project of hotel chains managed and operated world-class firms, etc.”

However, FLC Quang Binh not only impresses customers with large-scale and great facilities but also possesses unique advantages thanks to holistic investment strategies by FLC Group.

Mr. Dang Tat Thang, Vice Director General of FLC Group delivers a speech at the event.

“FLC has officially sent letters to the Ministry of Transportation and People’s Committee of Quang Binh Province about the construction investment of Dong Hoi – Quang Binh International Airport under BOT form,” says Mr. Thang.

This request is said to be originated from the strategies of Bamboo Airways (owned by FLC) which is sprinting after FLC signs the agreement with Airbus to buy 24 A321NEO planes under the witness of the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and Chairman of France’s National Assembly François de Rugy in the end of March 2018.

In short term, the airline will lease 10 planes to put into operation by the end of 2018, which promises more convenient traveling conditions and commercial exchange, and Quang Binh is given priority to be one of the first destinations.

If being approved, the direct investment of FLC in aviation infrastructure in Quang Binh will create the foundation to upgrade an important airport in the Central Region and attract a great number of customers to the province in general and to FLC Quang Binh Beach & Resort in particular.

Attraction from the records

Being the representative of a distribution agent, Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha – Chairman of Loc Son Ha Company shares: “Although Quang Binh has a lot of potentials, large-scale enterprises seem not to be interested in the province because they are rushing into Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc. FLC Quang Binh is the first project that we get involved in in the North Central Region.”

“Seeing FLC playing as the pioneer and achieving spectacular success with FLC Sam Son and FLC Quy Nhon, we decided to distribute FLC Quang Binh products without the need of any official introduction. Only when starting the work, can we really feel the unique attraction of this project.”

According to Mr. Ha, the reason why investors are rushing into FLC Quang Binh is its high liquidity and possibility of increase in the price.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, Chairman of Loc Son Ha shares his reason for working as a big distribution agent of FLC.

During 2015-2016, the real estate price of FLC Quang Binh vicinity is less than USD 43/m2. After FLC constructs the road connecting the highway and the beach, the price increases by USD 43-86/m2 and gradually increases with project progress. In 2017, the land area which is closed to project reaches USD 263/m2 and is expected to keep growing.

“With attractive cooperation policy by investor, loan package of 60% of contract value in 12 months, interest of 0%, grace period of 12 months, FLC Holiday voucher, free of service fees in 8 years, it’s easy to understand why FLC Quang Binh is so attractive”, explains Mr. Ha.


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