FLC Quy Nhon: Investment opportunity in the blue sea paradise

FLC Quy Nhon: Investment opportunity in the blue sea paradise

Thứ Tư, 25/05/2016, 23:18

Being a tourist complex of the first five-star resort constructed in Quy Nhon, with a large scale and stunning design, FLC Quy Nhon is offering an attractive investment opportunity in the "merit land - martial art cradle" Binh Dinh.

Blue sea paradise FLC Quy Nhon

It is no coincidence that Quy Nhon is one of the top 10 destinations in Southeast Asia viewed by the famous Tourism Magazine in UK - Rough Guides. With a length of 134km coastline, Quy Nhon converges necessary elements to develop tourism from landscape to culture and history.

In particular, Quy Nhon is fortunately blessed with stunning blue sea scenery, white sand, bright sunshine that nowhere else might have. Different from other marine tourism places in the Central, the wild beauty of the sea in Quy Nhon is one of the great potentials for tourism development, especially in the segment of high-end resort.

Realizing such opportunity in the "golden tourist land" Quy Nhon, FLC Group has pioneered the first "wave" of premium tourism development by constructing the first five-Star resort in Quy Nhon. This is a complex built in an area of 300 hectares with a total capital in Phase 1 of 3.500 billion, including items of resort villas, five-star hotel, international convention center with an accommodation of 1500 seats and a golf course designed by the company of a legendary golf player Nicklaus... Located in Nhon Ly, FLC Quy Nhon embraces 3km of coastline, where Eo Gio has the most beautiful sunset scene in Vietnam.

The difference of FLC Quy Nhon complex is the unique architectural feature, designed in modern and sophisticate Dutch style. Five-star hotel in FLC Quy Nhon complex is especially designed with 100% of the sea view apartments. Besides, all the hotels and villas roofs are covered in green grass bringing fresh air, closely intertwined with nature.

Launched in 5/2015, FLC Quy Nhon's Golf course, Golf Links is inaugurated after only 6 months and considered one of the 3 most beautiful golf courses in Asia. More than 85% of the construction progress of the work have also been completed and it is expected that FLC Quy Nhon will inaugurate and start operation by the end of the coming June. Many experts expect that with a land rich in tourism potentials as Quy Nhon and with the scale, impressive design, FLC Quy Nhon will truly be a "blue ocean paradise" in Central region, attract large domestic and international tourists at opening its operation.

Double-profit from capitalizing on FLC Quy Nhon

Along with the tourism resort development in FLC Quy Nhon project, FLC Group employer also offers the real estate market of more than 100 villas and 300 beach hotel apartments in the complex for investors. With ownership of villas and hotel apartments in FLC Quy Nhon, investors are not only profitable of 10% each year but also entitled to the wonderful trip at a great resort complex. This is the "double benefit" that property FLC Quy Nhon resort provides.

With the rising trend of real estate investment in resort, FLC make commitments of 10% profit per year for investors, this is considered a high level of profit in the real estate market resort comparing to products in same class, the other employers offer profit 8-9% / year only.

Besides commitment in profits, the products of FLC Quy Nhon complex also captures the attention of many investors because the investment rate per an apartment is relatively cheap with the policy of preferential loans from bank, enabling an easy investment opportunity. Moreover, the tourist potential of Quy Nhon is on the rise, the products in the complex themselves will increase in the near future, which is confirmed by many real estate experts when evaluating the advantage of investment in FLC Quy Nhon project.

Within the coming July, FLC Quy Nhon complex will inaugurate and begin operation which also means that investments will bring profits soon. Additionally, the reputation of the employer FLC Group - one of the two most prestigious investors in Vietnam (voted by Vietnam Report) is as well one of the attractions to investors toward FLC Quy Nhon.

For its large scale, FLC Quy Nhon quickly draws the attention of domestic investors. Many investors soon chose themselves sea view villas and hotel apartments in Quy Nhon FLC complex, hoping to enjoy the trips to "blue sea paradise" resort as well as bring about attractive profits.

Dial hotline 18006399 to receive investment consultancy about FLC Quy Nhon.


Organization for customer experience of FLC Quy Nhon:

With the desire for investors to experience and realize the potentials and attractive opportunities to earn profits, employer FLC Group has launched the program "Experience blue sea paradise FLC Quy Nhon" for investors in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other Provinces. Customers will visit the famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon: Kỳ Co, Eo Gió, Đồi cát Phương Mai, Gềnh Ráng, Hàn Mặc Tử grave… and experience the great space of 2 nights free at the sea view villa of FLC Quy Nhon, sightseeing the complex and FLC Quy Nhon golf course Golf Links - one of the 3 most beautiful golf courses in Asian.

Hotline for registration: 0915 63 88 98 - Website: www.flcquynhon.com.vn



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