FLC leaders talk with four investment funds

FLC leaders talk with four investment funds

Thứ Bảy, 25/10/2014, 22:09

The FLC Group’s leaders October 24 at the group’s Hanoi-based headquarter had a talk with four investment funds on FLC’s strategic orientationsand business investment plans in the coming time.

The FLC visit by the funds, part of a program on working with listed companies,was organized by Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC).

At the meeting, representatives of the four investment funds and financial organizations including Fides, Manulife, Vina Capital and PTI highly appreciatedachievements that FLC had gained over the years, particularly in the context of real estate market difficulties. Through HSC, these organizations proposed meeting with FLC leaders to update the situation and business plans as well as to huntfor more investment opportunities in the group.

The meeting, part of a program on working with listed companies, is organized HSC.  

On behalf of FLC, Chairman Trinh Van Quyet expressed thanks for the investment funds’ interest in FLC. After a brief introduction and an updateon some of the group’s major business activities and under-construction projects, FLC leaders spent a lot of time answering the questions raised by the representatives that were related to strategic orientations, investment plans, development and management of real estate projects – the group’s mainbusiness.

Talking plans on implementing real estate projects in the coming time, Mr Quyet said the FLC Group wasfocusing on carrying out its real estate projects as scheduled, especially in Hanoi and the northern central province of Thanh Hoa. Sales plan for these projects would start by the end of this year,expecting to bring about big earnings for the group.

FLC leaders work with representatives of financial organizations.

Mr. Quyet also highly appreciatedthat HSC and other securities companies had organized direct meetings between investors and the group. He affirmed that this was an opportunity for the group’s leaders to exchange more and clarify issues that investors were paying attention to.

"The group are always willing to meet and talkon the contents of the group’s strategy and business plans thereby helping funds, financial companies and banks get sufficient information to investin FLC Group,” said Mr Quyet.

Over the time, FLC has received many positive feedbacks from investment funds. This is much of encouragement for the group’s leaders, contributing to higher efficiency in investment and business activities.

“We were very impressed with your various business strategies and we are sure that FLC Group will continue on the path of success and will become one of the future blue chips in Vietnam. This meeting confirmed our investment decision to buy FLC and KLF right at the launch of our AFC Vietnam Fund back in 2013. I believe at this time there were only a handful of foreign investors investing in your stocks, but I believe this will change very rapidly, especially with the upcoming potential listing in Singapore,” wrote Mr Andreas Vogelsanger, CEO of Asia Frontier Capital (Vietnam) Ltd. in an email sent to FLC leaders after his visit to the group a week before.


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