FLC commences the construction of 1,500-room The Coastal Hill hotel

FLC commences the construction of 1,500-room The Coastal Hill hotel

Thứ Hai, 19/06/2017, 23:37

The Coastal Hill.

VIR - On 15 June 2017, FLC Group commenced the construction of The Coastal Hill hotel, with a total investment cost of 123 million USD. This 1,500-room hotel, stretching along approximately 1km, will not only complete FLC Quynhon Beach & Golf Resort but also help increase the service capacity of the entire complex by 150%.

Vietnam’s biggest hotel

“When we talked with our foreign consultant, they thought we were confused about the number of rooms. It’s much greater than the scale of other hotels in Vietnam. However, this is a project that we’re developing”, Mr. Dang Tat Thang, Deputy General Director of FLC Group said about the recently begun The Coastal Hill project.

With 1,500 hotel rooms to start operation in June 2018, and approximately 1,000 rooms already operating at FLC Quynhon Beach & Golf Resort, The Coastal Hill is expected to become a hotel complex with the greatest number of hotel rooms in Vietnam.

This scale is truly a great attraction, but the feature with which FLC hopes to make a difference with tourists is the design of the project.

“The name of the hotel was inspired by the fact that it is situated on a hill by the beach. In terms of Feng Shui, this is a very auspicious location. In terms of architecture, this hotel is designed in accordance with the existing hotel which has won several Vietnamese and international architectural awards,” said Mr. Thang.

“When The Coastal Hill starts operation, it will create a magnificent complex shaped as two dragons – formed by two hotels”, Mr, Cung Thanh Dat, CEO of Baumschlager Eberle Asean, design consultant for The Coastal Hill spoke of the design inspiration.

The Coastal Hill is nearly 1km long, including four 11-storey blocks. Mr. Dat said that, with the hope of creating life in a tropical forest, this project has very low construction density and is designed in an eco-friendly way.

“During the design phase, we tried to interfere as little as possible with the natural landscapes. Trees are kept intact and only very few are moved,” Mr. Dat said.

Aiming at environmental protection, FLC Group plans to make The Coastal Hill the first project to meet the green building standards of the US (LEED) and Vietnam (Lotus), among which are criteria on the improvement of living conditions, enhancing the building’s adaptability to climate change and optimal renewable energy usage…

Not only environmentally friendly, The Coastal Hill is also designed with comprehensive amenities aimed at creating an ideal life for residents such as outdoor infinity pool, children’s playground, outdoor theater…

Another unique feature, the first ever in Vietnam, of The Coastal Hill is the 1km-long artificial lagoon that stretches along the front of all 1,500 hotel rooms. Therefore, even though the hotel is situated on the hill, guests can still feel as if they’re at the beach front.

This 1km-long infinity pool will help contribute to a refreshing and green living environment for residents. You can stand on your balcony and look at the greeneries underneath – where your children are happily playing.

"When this hotel begins operation, you only have to come to The Coastal Hill to enjoy relaxing moments and a truly ideal life with your family,” said Mr. Thang.

Tourism boom: FLC benefits from a well-timed investment

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thuc, Research and Consultation Service Manager at CBRE Vietnam – said that Vietnam’s tourism revenue in 2016 had increased by 10%, from từ mức 15 billion USD in 2015 to 17.7 billion USD in 2016. This show the remarkable development of the country’s tourism and hospitality industry.

“At the same time, investment in Vietnam’s tourism infrastructure has also been growing rapidly,” Mr. Thuc said.

And, FLC is not going to stay out of it.

In 2015, FLC opened the FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort, which includes villas, townhouses, bungalow, hotel, 18-hole golf links, outdoor saltwater swimming pool, heated swimming pool, spa… In 2016, the Group inaugurated FLC Quynhon Beach & Golf Resort, with a 36-hole golf links, villas, townhouses, hotel, swimming pools…

All projects have very high capacity. FLC Quynhon has nearly 1,000 hotel keys at the time of opening, all of which were fully booked during the first operational season. This is why, in 2017, FLC opened the 600-room FLC Grand Hotel at FLC Samson, as well as investing in many more villas, townhouses, shophouses... at several projects.

The domestic tourism boom might be the reason for FLC’s expansion. At the Group’s roadshow and seminar in Singapore, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet – FLC’s Board Chairman – said that this “scarcity” of rooms happening at FLC might continue well into the future as domestic and international holiday demands rise.

Mr. Quyet also said: “We hope that more investors will accompany FLC in the development of iconic projects, in order to not miss Vietnam’s great potentials”. He said the above after being asked by an investor: “Why is FLC introducing these products while we have to book a hotel room in May in order to stay there in August?!”.


Mr. Trinh Van Quyet, FLC’s Board Chairman – said: “We are not only doing business in tourism but also want to contribute to a new and greater Vietnam”.

We have been to many places, looked into many models and trends before investing in hospitality projects. People have asked us about the feasibility of projects. However, until now, we have not had to prove anything anymore. The results speak for themselves.

From the point of view of an investor, we want our buildings to have the highest economic and social impacts. As citizens, we want to create beautiful landmarks and paint a new face for Vietnam. This is why FLC’s projects all have large scales, stunning aesthetics and high green standards.

I hope that, with the Government’s supportive policies, the efforts of FLC as well as other developers, the world will soon talk about Vietnam as a holiday heaven. We develop our projects in a way that make them unmissable destinations for tourists in Vietnam.



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