Contemplate coastal resort coming soon in Quy Nhon

Contemplate coastal resort coming soon in Quy Nhon

Thứ Hai, 23/05/2016, 08:08

Quy Nhon beach is going to be a must-come destination of travelers from all around the world when a high-end resort complex is coming online in a few weeks’ time.

It’s the FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort, invested by FLC Group. The construction of the complex was kicked off at the end of May 2015 and final touches are being finished to prepare for the grand opening in the coming July.

FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort stretches along Nhon Ly beach, Quy Nho Town, adjacent to Eo Gio (Windy Cliff), renowned as the most stunning sunset in Vietnam. Arriving here, the travelers will surely be amazed at the magnificent beauty of the Nature, with the long sandy beach lying between pine woods and the blue ocean. The photo features the FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon, which curves in nearly 1,000 meters and all of its keys have sea views.

Adjacent to the hotel formed with 9 layers in cascades is the FLC Luxury Resort Quy Nhon. Almost all the villa suites have sea views, and many of them stay right next to the sea, enabling the visitors in just some steps to wallow in the blue ocean and play with white waves.

As an alternative to sea waves, the visitors can unwind in the swimming pool available within each villa. The pools which are quite large and stretch along the front side facing the sea are equipped with a continuous recirculation filtration system, which keeps the water crystal. On two wings of each pool are hammocks that have a uniquely designed kite-shaped roof.

In front of each villa there is a large lawn, which is suitable for a cozy barbecue. The compound comes in a wide range of villas, with three to five rooms each. Each villa has its own service personnel.

The entire facade of the beachfront villas is built with large sheets of toughened transparent glass, creating an open space for the visitors even when being inside the room.

Each villa is furnished in a youthful, elegant and simple style but subtle from colors to shapes. All this aims to give the visitors the feeling of total relaxation. All unnecessary details and cold colors are removed so that the visitors can fully focus their senses to enjoy the scenic vista around.

Behind the villa suites there are small gardens with many flowers blooming all the year round. Far beyond the road leading to the villa compound is the beachfront 9-hole golf course of the FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links.

The FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links is ranked among the three most beautiful in Asia, with each hole being a masterpiece. The first 9 holes lie in the pine woods and the remaining 9 holes look forward to the ocean. The golf link has been designed by and constructed under the management of world-class brands Nicklaus Design and Flagstick. The FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links was completed at the end of 2015, setting a world record for swift construction (in 5 months).

Many other items such as the 1,500-seat International Conference Center 500, the religious area, the wildlife park will be put into operation in July.

Once in place, the FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort will certainly glitter more and be a worthy must-come vacation destination. From here, the visitors can go to other famous tourist attractions of Quy Nhon, which has been ranked third among nine places to get off the tourist trail in Southeast Asia by the UK travel magazine Rough Guides.


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