In 2001, lawyer Trinh Van Quyet and his two colleagues founded Vietnam Trade Corp., (VIC) which operates in commerce and services.

That is the first career milestone of  the 26-year-old lawyer who later became the founder of FLC and has been well-known among Vietnamese layers and businessmen.
The year of 2001 also saw a significant event that would latterly take great effect on FLC. After having evaluated the long-term potential of consultancy sector, Quyet and et al. established Management Consultancy and Investment Supervision JSC., (abbreviated as SMiC).

Turning point

Due to the requirements of professionalism and market policy consultancy,, the intensive law consulting division of the Company was separated and built into SMiC Law Office. SMiC Law Office played a role in law and policy consultancy for clients and legal support for other business operations of VIC.
By the year of 2006, SMiC Law Office was changed into SMiC Law Firm.
The formation of SMiC marked a pioneering model in Vietnam at that time, a trading company having the reciprocity from a law firm.
And this has created a unique and effective identity of FLC group in the future. The business department and the legal department supports each other for mutual development.
During 2005 - 2006, Vietnam's economy experienced noticeable movement in the sectors of banking, financial investment, real estate, etc. In that context, as many other "giants", Quyet et al. had the idea of expanding VIC into financial investment and real estate investment.
In 2007, he and his colleagues decided to establish FLC Securities Corporation (previously called Artex Securities). FLCS officially operated in 2008.
In 2008, a series of financial investment and investment companies were established such as Truong Phu Investment Co., Ltd.(renamed into FLC Joint Stock Company from Jan 2010), SG Invest Co., Ltd. and Ninh Bac Financial Investment JSC (predecessor of FLC Land JSC) – the investor of the FLC Landmark Tower project.
SMiC marked one more milestone after it had become a major brand receiving many titles, awards, certificates of merit from the Ministry of Justice and the Prime Minister. After the launch of Notarization Law in 2006, Hanoi Notarizing Office under SMiC was founded two years later. It was the first private notarizing office in Hanoi.
In 2009, SMiC opened its branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. In October of the same year, FLC Landmark Tower was commenced.
By this stage, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet and his key colleagues - Mr Le Dinh Vinh, Mr Doan Van Phuong and Mr Nguyen Thanh Binh had agreed to consolidate member companies under the model of FLC Group.
Brand shaping and affirmation
From a small company founded in 2008, in November 2010, FLC JSC., was officially renamed FLC Group JSC which is the convergence of FLC’s all subsidiaries and associated companies.
The word "group" shows a new development step in terms of quality which were marked on 5 major aspects including brand value, capital and assets, human resources, administration quality and corporate culture.
Besides three strategic business sectors (financial investment, real estate and mining), FLC still opens new fields of business.
FLC was listed on the stock exchange on  5th October, 2011, which has opened chances to mobilize huge capital for the company to launch medium and long term investment strategies. Since then, the charter capital of the group and its subsidiaries has grown up rapidly to VND 1,000 billion. The total assets increased to trillions of VND.
In December 2011, the whole group was moved to FLC Landmark Tower located in the western center of Hanoi. Notably, during this period, the real estate market has faced difficulties, but FLC Landmark Tower still ensures  its schedule.
In the same year, SMiC received a merit of the Prime Minister. It was the first law firm in Vietnam having received this merit. In August 2012, SMiC gained the title of Law Firm of the Year, and Mr. Trinh Van Quyet was named as the typical lawyer of the year.
From 2011 and especially in 2012, to improve operational efficiency, FLC began to expand many other sectors, especially services such as tourism, ticket booking agents, technology, media, golf service, etc. a series of companies was established. Meanwhile, member companies of the group were re-organised such as FLC Global (formerly FLC Travel) and FLC Tech&Media (formerly FLC Media JSC and Department of Technology Business of FLC Group).
A new direction of investment was also explored in 2012 in order to enhance the cohesion between FLC Group and the community. FLC Vocational College was formed and commenced operations on the 4th floor, FLC Landmark Tower, with the initial investment of 60 billion VND.
The year of 2012 also marked FLC Group’s activities for the community (i.e. building houses for the poors, giving financial aids, etc.)
Until now, FLC has become a strong brand in Vietnam. FLC Group has rapidly expanded its operations while it keeps paying highly attention to each “step” .
Perhaps, the strategic thinking of of FLC key leaders has helped the group to grow steadily while many “great names" had difficulties with the recession of real estate market.
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